United Kingdom, 49-year-old hospitalized for 1 year: he is the longest-running “long-time Kovid” patient

The longest-lived so-called ‘Long Kovid’ patient in the UK is 49-year-old Jason Kelk of Leeds. He has been ill for a year and according to the English press, this makes him the patient with the longest Kovid-19 infection. Due to the disease, kelk vomits every day.

The man was taken to the hospital last April for a chest infection, which turned out to be Kovid-19. The primary school computer teacher, who has not left the hospital since, was transferred to the ICU and connected to the ventilator 48 hours later. But the virus damaged her stomach, with doctors stating that she had been left with gastroparesis, causing her to suffer regular bouts of vomiting. He is still unable to walk on his own.

Other infected patients were forced to stay in hospital for months. According to estimates, “long kovid”, which includes dyspnea, brain fog, and muscle pain, affects one in ten people with Kovid-19. More severe cases are very rare. Kelk was already suffering from diabetes and asthma and this made him more aware of the dangers of infection. But doctors feel that her stomach problem is due to the virus.


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