Unique Images of Smiling Queen Victoria

It’s been almost 200 years since Queen Victoria (1819–1901) was born, and all kinds of unknown gems are rolling out of the closet. Including: A video of his laughter.

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, the great-grandmother of the current Queen, was a monument of her time. When she came to the throne at a very young age, the Queen of a vast empire, the Empress of India, was happily in love with her cousin Prince Albert, rather grievously as a young widow.


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She reigned for a total of 63 years and seven months and her image has always been determined by romantic portraits and photographs from the early days of photography, when shutter speeds were still so slow that a model had to sit for long periods of time. ..

… which excites the friendly look for a long time, which is what makes these images from her previous trip to Ireland so human and special: Victoria is very old, but still alive and … she is smiling !

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