“Unintentional playing”, but we must “fight against Islamophobia”, UNF President’s response

An investigation was opened by the prosecutor’s office in Grenoble after an anonymous poster based on Science Po, accusing two professors of Islamophobia. Following a relay of this collage on Twitter by his local, UNEF expressed his “remorse”. However its president reaffirmed its commitment against Islamophobia on Europe 1.

The interview

“We did not participate in the demonstration,” recalled the president of UNEF on Wednesday. Posters accusing Islamophobia professor of science Po Grenoble two weeks ago on the creation of political studies of this institution triggered the opening of an investigation for “insults” and “insults”. The local section of the student union Unif had shared the image of these collages on the social network, before quickly removing it. “We have already regretted this post”, confirms guest Melania Luce from Europe. However, she sees “two themes” in the controversy: “inexplicable planks” on one side, the fight against Islamophobia on the other.

“Unif did not want to take any vengeance”

Mellenia Luce provided “support in the face of threats” to the teachers concerned. “We have already apologized to them. Under no circumstances did the UNEF want to initiate retaliation,” he said. At the same time, the president of the student union confirms his commitment to the fight against discrimination. “The definition of Islamophobia is hostility to Islam and Muslims. Should France accept this hostility? I don’t think so.” He continues: “But we do not fight against this enmity by putting a name on a campus wall, it is sure.”

The president of the UNEF considers its union “universalist” since its creation and even today. “Universalism is a goal. To be a universalist, you no longer have to count skin color.

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