Unilever’s ‘Fair and Beautiful’ skin care products in India will be re-branded

Hindustan Unilever, a global subsidiary of the global consumer goods giant, announced on Thursday that skin creams will stop using the word “Fair” in the brand name.

The company said in a statement that it was decided to switch to “a more inclusive vision of beauty”.

Businesses all over the world have Protests against racial discrimination triggered by Death of george floydA 46-year-old black man in the hands of the police in America. Over the past month, several major companies Quaker Oats With the brand of Aunt Jemima in the USA and Nestle With Red Skins and Chicos desserts in Australia.

In India, a clearer choice of skin is a long-standing controversial issue. Activists who oppose the use of cosmetics for skin lightening say that some of the best-known Bollywood stars continue to lend their ad and face to ad campaigns promoting “fairness” creams.

Hindustan Unilever admitted on Thursday that it has previously played “the benefits of justice, whitening and skin lightening” when marketing its products.

He said he wanted to start last year by removing all the words of “Fair and fair”, “white / whitening” and “Fair / fair” on the packaging of “Fair & Fair &”. Beautiful “skin creams.

The company has now chosen to emphasize “shine, even tone, skin clarity and shine”.

“The brand has never been a bleach product, and it isn’t,” he added.

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Beauty brands often enjoyed a growing global business in skin lightening products. Before the recent reaction, the international market for skin whitening cosmetics was estimated To go over $ 6.5 billion in 2025, according to a report by Global Industry Analysts.

Hindustan Unilever bills itself as one of the largest consumer goods companies in India and claims that its products reach nine out of 10 households in the country.

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The company said on Thursday that the proposed new brand name is subject to regulatory approval and will take effect in the next few months.

– CNN’s Swati Gupta and Monica Sarkar contributed to this report.

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