Unilever, which owns Magnum, Ben & Jerry’s or Miko, refrains from targeting anyone under the age of 16 in its ads.

In 2020, the agrifood giant had already decided to stop all advertising or communications targeting children under the age of 13.

Anglo-Dutch agri-food giant Unilever, which owns several well-known ice cream brands such as Magnum, Ben & Jerry’s, Miko’s or Carte d’Or, will cease all advertising or communications targeting children under the age of 16. The band announced this in a statement last week, “Supporting responsible marketing to children“. Since 2020, it has already refrained from targeting children under the age of 13.

,Beginning January 1, 2023, Unilever will stop marketing and advertising on traditional media and social media food and beverages intended for children under the age of 16.“, explains Unilever, specifying that this principle would apply”Unilever’s complete food and refreshment portfolio, including ice cream,

In the same vein, other works have been announced by the food giant. Unilever will no longer collect or store data on children under the age of 16, and will no longer include influencers, celebrities or social media stars under the age of 16.

,We believe that people deserve the occasional compliment“Unilever Ice Cream Division President Matt Close is quoted in the press release.”We are committed to marketing these treats responsibly. This means we need to recognize the power of social media and influencer marketing on children’s choices – and address it.“, he adds.

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If such structures already exist in the United Kingdom or Portugal, indicates the group, “This is a big step for most of the countries of the world“, he says. In France, for example, the regulatory framework is considered inadequate by consumer associations. Only, since 2018, after a law was passed in 2016, public television channels have allowed children under 12 years of age to be banned. Advertising is banned in programs aimed at. In March 2021, the National Association of Food Industries (ANIA) has pledged to stop advertising. Programs and publications targeted to those under the age of 12, including on the Internet.

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