Unexpectedly, Facebook was working on a competitive service for the clubhouse

If today stories are widely associated with Instagram, Facebook took over this functionality from Snapchat in 2016. Also, for the community veteran, it was a revenge of sorts, when Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel refused to buy for $ 3 billion.

In response to the growing success of TikTok last year, Instagram introduced reels to allow users to create video clips. However, this “novelty” caused more confusion and last month, Instagram CEO Adam Moseri admitted that he was not satisfied with the copy.

Facebook is introducing features to outpace its competitors. Thus, seeing the growth of Zoom, the network equipped itself with rooms to provide videoconferencing service. The company is also said to be in the process of designing a newspaper service to counter the success of start-up Substack and Twitter, which recently bought Start-Up Review.

It remains to be seen how this clubhouse contestant will take shape. We imagine that this can be implemented directly within Messenger so that maximum users can be reached instantly.

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