Unexpected effect of Kovid-19 vaccine

COVID-19 The world has been crippled for over a year and a half now, but a silver layer is on the horizon. On the strength of determination, researchers have actually succeeded in developing many vaccines, vaccines, which we are fortunate to be able to reap in France.

Here, the vaccination campaign is also going on in full swing. As per the data reported by Our World in Data, we crossed the 20 million mark on 17 May. The opening of the campaign for adults over eighteen years of age seems to have found an echo among the French, to the extent that it is becoming very difficult to obtain appointments near the house.

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However, according to the BBC, some vaccines have side effects in women. We take stock.

Some Kovid-19 vaccines will have an impact on regulations

According to our colleagues, it all began with a tweet published by Dr. Kate Clancy, an American medical anthropologist. Recently vaccinated, Modern, she experienced an unusually heavy period after treatment with a messenger RNA vaccine.

Following her message, several other women claimed to have seen the same from their side.

Eager and determined to shed light on the matter, he discussed it with one of his former colleagues, Dr. Catherine Lee. Together, they launched a massive investigation that made it possible to collect hundreds of similar evidence.

Survey of more than 500 women

This was when Womanizer, a company specializing in the development of Sextoy, came into play. After reading the observations of two researchers and their study, the latter decided to disseminate a survey of their own. Panel of Examiners.

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A total of 522 women were interviewed, all of whom had a normal menstrual period and had received their vaccine – first or second injection. After compiling their responses, the company realized that one in five women had seen a direct effect of vaccination on their menstrual cycle. With effects that seem to vary from woman to woman.

In fact, according to the survey conducted by Womanizer, 31% of the women surveyed saw more menstruation than normal. More problematic, 29% also stated that their periods were more painful than usual. Finally, 22% of the women noted a delay of a few days. Others have also seen menstrual periods and prolonged periods of anemia.

Heavier and more painful period

For some time, of course, it has been impossible to establish a connection between these observations and messenger RNA vaccines. The surveyed panel is actually very small and therefore researchers lack data.

Technically, however, there may be a plausible link between the messenger RNA vaccines and the comments made by these women.

The latter actually interferes at the level of the immune system and therefore their aim is to teach it to protect against the virus responsible for Kovid-19. However, immune cells are present throughout the body, and especially in the lining of the uterus.

For their part, Modern and Pfizer-BioNotech have not communicated publicly on the issue.

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