UNESCO calls on British Museum to review its status

Following the annual session of the Intergovernmental Committee on Promoting the Return of Cultural Property, the body recommended that “the United Kingdom initiate discussions with Greece”, according to Greek Culture Minister Lena Mendoni.

Who can own the Parthenon Marbles from Greece or the UK? The controversy is eternal and Greek Culture Minister Lena Mendoni puts a coin back in the machine. In an interview given to the site Greek City Times He added that the Intergovernmental Committee for the Promotion of the Return of Cultural Property (CIPRCP), a UNESCO body meeting from 27 to 29 September during its annual session in Paris, took a stand for the return of the frieze held since Will happen. Early 19th century by the British Museum.

“The Committee urgently calls on the UK to reconsider its position and to engage in discussion with Greece, recognizing that the issue is intergovernmental in nature – contrary to claims on the part of the UK that this is the sole responsibility of the British Museum. – and above all Greece has an acceptable and legal right to demand the return of the statues to their original place”, Mendoni said, the committee discussed “Poor exhibition conditions in which the sculptures are kept in the British Museum”.

In August, a leak on the institute’s roof caused water infiltration into the museum’s Greek galleries and delayed the reopening of the seven rooms dedicated to Hellenistic civilization, in which statues of the Parthenon are stored, such as its reminiscences. art newspaper . In addition, this last room is always closed to the public, as indicated on the institution’s website.

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“It is not for UNESCO to comment on the decision of one of its intergovernmental advisory bodies”, a spokesman for the international organization told Expert Magazine. Decisions of the 22nd session of CIPRCP will be published during the month of October.” It only specifies that the role of the committee is to promote “The return of cultural goods to their countries of origin or their restoration in case of misappropriation”, especially by playing the role of mediators between the states.

Between 1802 and 1803, the marbles at the center of the dispute were taken by the British ambassador to Constantinople, Lord Elgin, who brought them back to the United Kingdom. While the British Museum maintains on its website that “Lorse Elgin” […] acted with full knowledge of the facts and with the permission of the then judicial authorities in Athens and London., continues to condemn the Greek government “a flight”, to refute historical documents branded by their British counterparts or to argue their unofficial character and hence the illegal character of this “taking”.

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