Uncommon: French Toast to Glyphosate!

Glyphosate was found in 99.8% of the people tested, at varying levels depending on the person, their job or their lifestyle. Of those tested, 5,400 decided to file complaints for endangering the lives of others, harming the environment, and serious deception.
The scientific study, published in the very serious journal Environmental Science and Pollution Research, therefore restores the level of pollution that the French tolerate.
For the National Health Protection Agency, the amounts found correspond to exposures of less than 1% of the allowable daily dose. One argument that doesn’t hold, according to Dominique Masset, co-founder of the Campaign Glyphosate Association: “We cannot live sustainably in an environment saturated with pesticides and glyphosate without harmful effects on health. »
Denise Laron, nutritionist and director of research emeritus at Inserm, also underscores the extent of the study’s results: “This is another study that clearly shows that the population in general is heavily contaminated with pesticides. So, now the question is Arise: How many more generations are we going to wait to stop using these molecules, which independent experts consider to be public health problems? Politicians must take responsibility and make timely decisions. »
The ban on glyphosate, a promise made by Elysee Host in 2017, was buried in 2019.


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