Uncomfortable with Connecticut COVID-19 people monitoring plan: report

Uncomfortable with Connecticut COVID-19 people monitoring plan: report

Connecticut, Gov. He met Ned Lamont’s claim that he started a coronavirus contact monitoring program, but according to a report, municipal health managers said it might have been weeks before it became effective.

According to Hartford Courant, this is due to delays in volunteer workers’ software, training and recruitment.

This article reported that he had contacted healthcare managers responsible for implementing the contract monitoring program, stating that they were unable to properly run the new software program due to training monitoring or possible errors in the operating system.

Some said that he was not trained according to the article. Others said the training was inadequate.

One director told the newspaper that he was delivering a one-hour webinar. Many said they were not provided with software manuals.

All directors said that hundreds of volunteers were not offered special assistance, the department was hiring or is in the process of hiring.

The Lamont administration said it is working closely with health directors to create a “first-of-its-kind state-wide communication monitoring program,” and now hopes to be fully commissioned by the end of June.

The directors stated that implementing a contact tracking program as part of the re-opening of Lamont’s first phase can be overly optimistic.

“I don’t want any of my comments to suggest that I got the state health department on the bus,” said Jennifer Kertanis, Farmington Valley Health District Manager. “You can’t expect the bigger picture here to automatically click on a key and be ready to deal with the size we’re dealing with when you invest in your public health system for eons.”

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