UN Security Council expected to adopt first coronavirus decision Wednesday

U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres EuropaNewswire / Gado / Getty Images

According to the draft resolution by the CNN, the United Nations Security Council is expected to take a decision Wednesday to call on countries to stop hostilities to focus on the Covid-19 virus.

Almost four months after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus as a global epidemic on March 11, this is the first action the UN wing has tasked with protecting international peace and security. The council was widely condemned because more than 10 million people were infected and the various wars continued for several months because they could not agree on any action.

Fierce debates between China and the US blocked the deal for months. The U.S. was not angry with WHO and China when it insisted on blaming the United States with Beijing in the first months of the negotiations.

WHO is not mentioned in the final draft decision. “In all cases on its agenda, hostilities need to be stopped broadly and promptly, and efforts by the Secretary General are supported,” the decision said.

The report states that a ceasefire of at least 90 days will “provide safe, unobstructed and continuous humanitarian assistance” during the coronavirus outbreak. The fight against ISIS and terrorism is exempt in Iraq.

Although more than 100 countries have accepted the target, the UN has acknowledged that UN Secretary General António Guterres had no dramatic effect on the impact of the cease call due to the virus.

The vote will take two days and will be due to the closure of the city council, where the outbreak was hit.

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The results will be read after 11:30 on ET Wednesday.

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