UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres expected to arrive in Moscow

According to Kyiv, no agreement was reached on Monday to build a humanitarian corridor that would allow the evacuation of Ukrainian civilians and fighters hiding at the Azovstal factory in Mariupol. Ukraine wants the United Nations to negotiate a deal with Russia to evacuate residents of the port city. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio GuterresHe is expected to be in Moscow on Tuesday, then in Kyiv on Thursday, an itinerary that even Ukrainian officials are having little trouble digesting.

,A long diplomatic tradition dictates that one visit Kyiv before leaving for Moscow. But we can eventually endure such despair. On the other hand, we caution Antonio Guterres about possible diplomatic traps as well as the content of the discussion. What we are asking them is that instead of focusing on general issues like a full and comprehensive ceasefire, which is important, because what Russia does on the battlefield is not just acceptable, it focuses on the core issue , namely the evacuation of Mariupol“, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine insisted, Dimitro Kuleba,

The huge Azovstal factory is the last redoubt controlled by Kyiv forces in Mariupol. According to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr ZelenskyAbout a thousand civilians and hundreds of injured are trapped there in dire circumstances.

Russia accused the Ukrainian authorities of preventing the evacuation of the compound despite a ceasefire declared by the Russian military.

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