UN HRC highlights importance of Scheerat agreement and role of Morocco

The 48th session of the UN Human Rights Council highlighted the efforts made by Morocco in the Libyan file, underscoring the importance of the 2015 Skirt political agreement and the positive results of the meetings. Inter-Libya held in the Kingdom.

In a resolution on “Technical Assistance and Capacity Building to Improve Rights in Libya” adopted at the end of its 48th session of work, the HRC stated, “Recognize the importance of the Libyan political dialogue under the auspices of Mission Support. Libya In the United Nations, including the 2015 Libya Skirt Political Agreement, which reaffirms the importance of protecting and ensuring the rights of the Libyan people during a peaceful transition to a democratic political future.

In another way, expressing its great appreciation for the efforts made under the three-pronged program – political, economic and military – the resolution also welcomes the positive results of the meetings held and held in Morocco.

In this resolution, the HRC likewise recognizes the role of the United Nations and its shared responsibility in facilitating the overall political process of reconciliation between Libyan parties.

On the other hand, the Council reiterated its request to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to provide more comprehensive and sustainable technical assistance for promoting human rights and capacity building of judicial authorities to prevent potential violations.

It decided to extend the mandate of the fact-finding mission to Libya by nine months, and asked it to submit a follow-up report on its findings to the Human Rights Council at its forty-ninth session.

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