UN calls for urgent $1.7 billion in humanitarian aid to Ukraine

NoWe are witnessing what could be the biggest refugee crisis in Europe of this century.Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Of this amount, $1.1 billion should be possible to help six million people in the country for an initial period of three months, a press release from the organization specifies.

The United Nations estimates that 12 million people in Ukraine will need aid, as well as more than 4 million refugees who may flee the fighting.

Accommodation and psychological support

In less than a week, since the start of the invasion, more than 677,000 people have fled Ukraine, mainly to neighboring countries, with more than half of them emigrated to Poland, Grundy told a brief press briefing in Geneva. informed during Many of these refugees have gone to Europe or beyond to reconnect with family or friends, he said.

To help host countries weather the storm, the United Nations needs $550.6 million to provide basic necessities for asylum seekers in Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. This amount makes it possible to provide housing, distribute money and provide psychological support.

Filippo Grandi believed that those who were already able to escape were undoubtedly those who had the car, the means and the undoubted connections, but “What really worries us the most” there is a flood of refugees “more vulnerable” It could spread if the Russian military’s campaign against Ukrainian cities continues.

“UNHCR urges governments to maintain access to the region for all those fleeing: Ukrainians and third country citizens living in Ukraine”

Shabia Mantu, UNHCR Spokesperson

All neighboring countries have so far kept their borders open to refugees fleeing Ukraine – including one “Important numbers” High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spokeswoman Shabiya Mantu visited Russia on Tuesday morning.

“UNHCR urges governments to maintain access to the region for all those fleeing: Ukrainians and third country citizens living in Ukraine”, He said. During a press conference in Stockholm, the UNHCR representative in Ukraine, Karolina Lindholm Billing, also pegged the number of internally displaced persons at one million. “We estimate there will be around one million people who have fled internally or are currently trying to get to safety in a train, bus or car.”He explained.

border queue

At the Polish border, UNHCR staff reported that those who crossed it waited 60 hours in freezing temperatures, Ms Mantu said.

Queues to enter Romania, where volunteers act as interpreters, can last up to 20 hours, he said, and take 24 hours to travel 60 kilometers between Ukraine’s Odessa city and the border with Moldova. .

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), about 470,000 third-country nationals live in Ukraine, including a large number of foreign students and migrant workers. “While the arrival of 6,000 of them has been confirmed in Moldova and Slovakia alone, many remain stranded in the context of the deteriorating security situation”IOM spokesman Safa Masehli also called for the borders to be kept open to refugees, IOM spokeswoman Safa Masehli told reporters in Geneva.

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