UK’s partnership with WHO on “Pandemic Radar”

The UK will work with the World Health Organization to develop an “epidemic radar” system to rapidly identify new coronovirus variants and monitor emerging diseases globally to ensure that the world “again Don’t be surprised “.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a new plan for a “global pandemic radar” ahead of the G20 World Health Summit in Rome on Friday, where he will deliver a speech.

Johnson’s office said it would include a network of monitoring centers that could monitor outbreaks and share data on variants and vaccine resistance.

It is using the UK Presidency of G7 to highlight the need to prepare for future epidemics and has launched a team of experts to study how to accelerate the development of vaccines against future diseases .

Johnson said, “Addressing COVID-19 globally and ensuring we are better prepared for future health threats is a top priority for the UK G7 Presidency.”

“The world should never be surprised again by the virus that is spreading out of control among us. We need to create disease monitoring systems suitable for the 21st century with real-time data sharing and rapid genetic sequencing and response. “

The UK will host the G7 Health Ministers’ Summit on 3-4 June, and then the Personality Leader Summit in South West England next week.

The UK has extensive virus sequencing capabilities which have come into prominence as the risk of new coronavirus waves increases.

“I am delighted that the UK, under Prime Minister Johnson, will join the World Health Organization and contribute to stronger global surveillance and a safer world,” said WHO Director General Tedros Adnom Ghebayeus.

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At Friday’s summit, leaders of the world’s largest economies will adopt a statement recommending voluntary measures to increase COVID-19 vaccine production, ignoring a push by the US and other countries on patent waivers, the final text. Shown. .

An EU official said pharmaceutical companies would also announce that they would provide large supplies of COVID-19 vaccines at a cost to poor countries this year in an effort to correct global imbalances.

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