Ukraine: Refugees criticized by Darmanin, UK responds

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The reception of Ukrainian refugees was criticized by Dormanin, the British responded

Politics – The British government indicated on Sunday 6 March that it could not “simply” open the doors to the United Kingdom, after Paris was criticized for its “lack of humanity” towards Ukrainian refugees rejected in Calais.

Justice Minister Dominic Raab said in a statement, “If we just open the door, we will not only benefit the people we need to benefit, the real refugees, but I think we will also undermine popular support.” Will give.” The BBC, before emphasizing: “We must make sure we act for those who need our support,” he said.

French Interior Minister Gerald Dormanin in a letter to his British counterpart Priti Patel in Calais on Saturday criticized the UK’s “utterly inadequate response” and the “lack of humanity” for Ukrainian refugees.

Darmanin Targets “Technical Nitpicking”

Seeking to join their families via the Channel, about 150 Ukrainians fleeing their country invaded by Russia have been taken over by British authorities in recent days to “get back” and “go to Paris or Brussels”. Visa has been asked to be obtained. In consulates, he said, the letter was consulted by AFP.

And France’s interior minister gave a layer of it this Sunday at Le Grand Rendez-Vous of Seines, Les Echos and Europe 1. Hopefully the show will let the British open their arms a bit and stop doing technocratic nitpicking. ,

For several days, his situation has been a source of friction between London and Paris, whose relations are already strained by the issue of illegal migrant crossings.

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The French government announced on Thursday that the United Kingdom is setting up a “consulate of sorts” in Calais to issue visas directly to Ukrainians there. But “for now, it’s been four days now, it’s ‘we’ll see, we’ll see'”, still lamented Gerald Darmin. “I have a very good relationship with Mrs. Patel,” he said, referring to the British officials, “I am sure she is a good woman. She will solve this problem, but she must solve it quickly.”

When requested by AFP, the British Interior Ministry did not immediately respond. The United Kingdom has also been criticized for its lack of generosity towards refugees, with the British government this week easing visa conditions for Ukrainians with relatives in the country. Residents of the UK and the United Kingdom can bring their family members living in Ukraine, who can obtain a three-year residence permit after a security check.

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