Ukraine engages in the fight against the oligarchs

There are no oligarchs in Ukraine. At least that is the view of the interested parties. Since President Volodymyr Zelensky passed a law on 23 September to reduce its widespread influence, all have been accused of shamelessly exploiting the country’s economy, corrupting the political system and using the media to their advantage. I have denied belonging to this caste of wealthy merchants.

The law makes them so strong that even Rinat Akhmetov, the richest man in the former Soviet republic with an estimated net worth of 7.3 billion euros, has agreed to break from his mythical conscience to make things right. , “I am an investor, not an oligarch” ,, supports World This iron and steel magnate who owns several television channels and is reputed to control a large section of the Members of Parliament. “If necessary, I am ready to defend my name in the Ukrainian and international courts”, He takes care to specify in writing.

Less powerful and wealthy, multi-millionaire Vasil Khmelnitsky is also regularly described as an oligarch. This former deputy, set in the center of the huge technological innovation park he is building in Kiev, negates it as much. “Anyway, in this country, every time you do something that no one likes, you are called that. I am not paying attention”, He swears. At the end of the interview, all the same, he worries: “Will your article be neutral or negative?” ,

concerned about his reputation

Nothing is more important to these people than their reputation, otherwise they will become undesirable in the eyes of financial markets and banks abroad. However, this law, unique in the post-Soviet space, aims to publicly label them as oligarchs – a notorious name. The latter has time to get rid of his ties to the political world and sell his media until March 2022. Otherwise, his name will appear on a list compiled by the National Security and Defense Council, a body headed by the President. In particular, they would be prohibited from funding political parties and participating in the privatization of large companies. The text also obliges the authorities to announce any contact with them.

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“The last names do not matter: Medvedchuk, Kolomosky, Poroshenko, Akhmetov, Pintchuk, Firtach or someone else”, In April, the president made a list of the country’s greatest oligarchs and announced them. , What is important is whether you are ready to act legally and transparently, or if you want to continue to create monopolies, control the media, influence lawmakers and officials. First solution, we support it. The second is over ”, On his promise to fight against corruption, Marshall, a former actor who was elected with 73% of the vote on April 21, 2019, was launched.

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