UK Weather Forecast: Storm Alex to hit Britain against mp5 MPF Gayle and heavy rains

Britain is preparing to be swept away by heavy rain and strong winds as Storm Alex heralds the arrival of bad weather over the weekend.

The southern coastal areas of England could see waterfalls of more than h5 miles per hour, and others could be at risk of flooding before the end of Sunday, as the French storm would show cold and windy conditions.

The autumn spell will begin when the weather called Meteo-France arrives from the continent on Friday from the front.

A yellow weather warning is maintained for wind and rain across most of southern England and there is a risk of travel delays flowing from Cornwall to the coast of Kent.

The Met Office has issued a flood warning

Steve Ramsdale, chief meteorologist at the Met Office, described the forecast as a “last day of the working day” and warned of a 60- to 655-mile roadside jail ahead of another wet weather for much of the country.

Mr Ramsdale added: “Strong winds and rain associated with Storm Alex away from the UK since Friday have continued to move eastward towards the UK and another low pressure system has brought many more heavy rains and strong winds over the weekend.”

A second yellow weather warning for full rain from 3am on Saturday to Sunday evening has covered Wales, most of central and southern England, and the east coast of Scotland.

A Torrid Weather Front will be batting for a few days in the UK

More than 100 mm of rain is expected in Wales, south-west England and parts of eastern Scotland during this period, which the Met Office said could cause flooding and landslides as well as driving difficulties.

Their concerns were echoed by the environmental agency who said: “Heavy rains on Friday are likely to cause surface flooding in the south of England and possibly some rivers.

The alert extends across the UK

“More widespread and incessant heavy rainfall over most parts of England will bring the possibility of more river and surface water flooding over the weekend.

“We urge people to stay away from the swollen river and not to drive because of the flood waters. It is often deeper than it looks and the flowing water is just 30 centimeters enough to float your car.”

UK 5 day weather forecast


Rainfall, heavy and heavy in the south and flowing in the Midlands region, then sunny and rainy, but windy with gels in the southwest. Rain to the very north of clearing Scotland, then dry with sunshine.


More rain, running slightly heavier in the west in most parts of England and Wales and eastern Scotland. Driver in Central Scotland and Northern Ireland. Windy central and southern UK.


Rainfall is becoming heavier and slower in Scotland, Wales and the west of England, becoming drier and brighter throughout eastern and later central England.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Sundays are unsettled and cool with heavy rain or showers for most of it. Sunny mantras and more showers in most places on Mondays and Tuesdays

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