UK Weather Forecast: Snow and Ice Warning Temperatures Shake -10C


He has been tossed for more winter weather ahead of the first weekend of December in the UK, with warnings in place of snow and ice due to the temperature sinking.

Large parts of Scotland and regions of northern England, including the Penis and Yorkshire Moors, saw snow and ice conditions and travel disruptions.

The mercury is expected to drop below -7C (19F) on Wednesday night in Aberdeenshire in eastern Scotland.

Some parts of the south will begin to feel the winter cold, with temperatures dropping to -1 degree (30 F) in south-west London.

However, the coldest weather is expected in western Scotland on Thursday night, where temperatures could drop to minus one -10C (14F).

The meteorological office said the cool spell is expected to last until Friday, but the weekend will see bright weather and even some sunshine.

It added that next week’s temperature will be lower than the average annual temperature, which is usually around 7-9 degrees Celsius (45-48 F).

Chief meteorologist Dan Suri said: “There will definitely be more blows this week because of the risk of winter cold, snow and drizzle.

“The risk of freezing is largely limited to the northern half of the UK – mainly in Scotland, Wales and the higher parts of northern England.

“On Thursday morning parts of north-west Scotland accumulated up to 2m above 200m and up to 10cm on the maximum route, with 2cm of snow accumulating at the lower level, disrupting some travel.”

Traffic Scotland operator manager Douglas Cairns said a record number of greeters were delivered this winter to keep traffic running.

“The first severe weather warning for winter snow and ice is always a timely reminder to people to check if the winter is ready and well prepared.”

But Deputy Chief Meteorologist Dan Harris said that despite the cold and unstable weather – including frozen fog – not everything was “hell and despair”.

“We are keeping an eye on other regions where there is a possibility of disruptive snowfall – especially in the mountains of central and south-east England and northern England,” he said.

“The weekend will be cold with rain, showers and snowfall across many areas, including overnight glaciers.

“We also saw some stubborn areas of cold fog develop more extensively, which could continue throughout the day at this time of year.

“However, this is not all torment and frustration, as the weekend progresses with the possibility of dry, bright and possibly sunny weather.”

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