UK weather forecast: First winter snowfall expected today with temperatures hovering at -2 centigrade

The first snowfall of the season fell to 10 cm the next day and the strike began in Britain today.

The Met Office, the Western Highlands and Lancashire are expected to experience a yellow alert for snow and ice across Scotland from 6pm on Thursday.

The warning said: “Snowfall and snowfall could disrupt some traffic.”

But as the week progresses the UK’s minimum levels will become sensitive and the icy cold snap will bring the temperature down to -2 degrees on Friday morning.

Added to that simple and heavy drinking fountain, as well as the wind reaching 50 miles per hour, indicating the tragic days to come with the threat of more snowfall next week.

There is a weather warning across Scotland

Steve Ramsdale, chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said Yorkshire Dales, Peninsula and Dartmoor even saw snow today.

He told The Sun: “There is also a possibility of a slight drop in snowfall in places later in the week.

“At clear times between wine shower bands, frosts are likely to be associated, and in chronic clean conditions in the north-west of the UK it can be sharp or even intense.

Wine showers, gentle and strong winds will take the UK by storm

“This stalemate is likely to continue for more time over the weekend with strong winds, heavy rains and magical rain.”

Britain will soon fight to reach close to double digits at any time of the day with a height of about 8C in the south.

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The BBC’s Louis Lear says: “These temperatures are a bit disappointing for the first week of December.”

A cool snap will bring the temperature down to -2C on Friday

“When you introduce humidity to this mass of cool air over the weekend, we’re going to see some rain, sleet, sleet or snow.”

The meteorologist went to describe the weather on Saturday – it will have a lot of rain – like “washing in a washing machine, spreading around that depression”.

“The sunny drizzle and the cool breeze – so, if you get caught in those showers, it will feel pretty raw.”

UK 5 day weather forecast


Clouds and occasional showers will move southeast, followed by sunshine and scattered showers to the north and west. Heavy snow on Scotland and snowfall over the mountains, especially this evening.


The first rains to the south-east, then cool, dense and heavy with showers to the north and west, falling as snow in some parts of Scotland, and high lands to the south like Wales.


Rain and prolonged rainfall across England and Wales, including snowfall in the highlands of Wales and northern England. Wine showers and sunshine for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Friday to Sunday Outlook:

Very unsettled; Usually cloudy, but with cold and stormy rain or prolonged rainfall. The possibility of snowfall over the mountains was probably mainly north times

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