UK Weather Forecast: Endless Rain Rain Storms with Weather Risk Today | News

The Met Office has issued yellow and amber weather warnings for rain in many parts of the UK. In most parts of the country, the storm at the beginning of the weekend brought Alex wet and windy conditions.

As the weekend draws to a close, these conditions will continue and can lead to hurricane-force winds.

The Met Office said: “There will be more rain on Sunday at the start of the weekly holiday. But that rain will gradually ease

Amber warns of weather spot warning that homes and businesses could be flooded, causing damage

It added: “There could be a risk of fast-flowing or deep flood waters, which could endanger lives.”

Transportation to the affected areas is also likely to be disrupted.

There are yellow weather warnings for large parts of Northern Ireland, Scotland and England and Wales.

Amber alerts cover the southeast, southwest and northwest of England and the regions of Wales and the West Midlands.

The Met Office said: “Come on Sunday morning [a] The prevailing rains across Scotland gradually moved to Northern Ireland, Wales and later to the southern counties of England.

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Temperatures on Sunday will usually reach around 12 to 14 Celsius in the UK.

Experts have warned Britain to stay safe on rainy weekends, as wet weather could potentially create dangerous driving conditions.

Carol Holt, the environmental agency’s flood customs manager, said: “Extensive and incessant heavy rainfall could cause flooding in some areas over the weekend.”

He added: “Environmental teams are working hard to clear the grill and weeds in the affected areas.

“We urge people to stay away from the swollen river and not to drive in the flood waters – it is often deeper than you see and the flowing water is just 30 cm enough to float your car.”

Next week will be unsettled but heavy rain and wind are expected to be comfortable.

The Met Office said: “As we see next week the rain is slowly receding and we will see a mixture of sunshine and showers.

“But overall it’s going to be chilly and very carefree.”

Netflix meteorologist Nick Finis said: “The lows were still sitting in the central regions on Monday, but with the full winds, more rains will start for the low-lying areas prevailing in the lowlands.

“It will feel pleasant in the sun in any dry and bright mantras. The temperature has reached 13-16C.”

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