UK wants stricter rules for video streaming platforms

While the EU wants to reduce the amount of British productions on streaming platforms, now that Brexit is a reality, Her Majesty’s government is ready to Regulate various Prime Video, Disney Plus, Netflix and Apple TV Plus in the same way as traditional television broadcasters, such as BBC and ITV. If it takes such a decision, these services will also have to comply with national regulations on issues such as political impartiality, accuracy, etc. A proposal for this operation could be presented to the public as early as next week.

a particularly important example of Content that the UK government hasn’t digested particularly well is Netflix’s drama series The Crown: Several local politicians, such as Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden (opening photo), who wanted Netflix to warn viewers that this was a work of pure fiction, not an accurate and realistic representation of what actually happened. It is not difficult to see the effort to protect the nation’s reputation in the face of some particularly shameful events in its history. But, of course, that’s not all: Prime Video was also severely criticized for publishing some documentaries against vaccines, which were later pulled down.

focuses on the interpretation given by the government unfair competition that streaming services practice against traditional broadcasters, but the closing remarks concern allegations of unfair representation of precisely Anglo-Saxon culture and society. An unnamed government source said that the ad AFP that mainstream broadcasters have to “compete with these giants with one hand tied behind their backs. Corporations have bulging wallets and few rules, which leaves them free to dictate their interpretation of British life.” “

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the source acknowledges that The current rules were written for a different, “analog” era.; And that doesn’t make sense in the age of smart TVs, streaming and on-demand programming. The desire is to create a more neutral playing field, so that both new and old players have the opportunity to grow and grow. Of course, solving this is a complicated puzzle: Netflix doesn’t even have a UK office, its European headquarters are in the Netherlands, more precisely in Amsterdam. Understanding how to handle jurisdictional issues will be complicated.

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