UK, US and Australia to jointly develop hypersonic weapons

They form a common front. The United Kingdom, the United States and Australia announced on Tuesday that they would jointly develop hypersonic weapons as part of their AUKUS security agreement aimed at countering China’s growing influence in the Pacific.

“We are committed today to begin a new trilateral cooperation in hypersonic, counter-hypersonic and electronic means of warfare,” US President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott said in a statement. Morrison.

They can reach more than five times the speed of sound

Hypersonic missiles, which can reach more than five times the speed of sound, have the distinction of being faster and more maneuverable than standard missiles, making them more difficult to intercept. The United States successfully tested this technology already used by Russia or China in October 2021.

Washington, London and Canberra also agreed to “expand information sharing and deepen cooperation on defense innovation”. In March, Russia claimed the use of hypersonic missiles in Ukraine, which would be the first known use in real combat situations of the system, first tested in 2018.

Washington, London and Canberra announced the AUKUS Strategic Partnership for the Indo-Pacific Region in September 2021. The alliance, which targeted China without naming, already provides for the delivery of nuclear-powered submarines to Australia, and the three countries said on Tuesday they were “happy” with progress made in this area. However, this angered Paris by terminating a major arms contract between France and Australia.

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