UK urged to do more for Ukrainian refugees

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Sunday that the British could bring in their immediate family members who live in Ukraine, a measure that could benefit “thousands of people” according to his services.

He promised Britain would “Very generous to Ukrainian”Immigration is trying to quell the controversy sparked over the weekend by Secretary of State Kevin Foster.

The latter insisted on Twitter that Ukrainians could be welcomed as seasonal workers, sparking outrage. In a cartoon in The Times on Monday, the interior minister asked a Ukrainian family trapped in a burning building if they were “ready to take fruit” in exchange for a ladder to rescue them.

Critics of Boris Johnson, who also announced on Sunday that he would provide 40 million pounds (48 million euros) of new humanitarian aid to Ukraine, pointed to the gap between his commitments and the EU’s which provides temporary protection for Ukrainians. which will allow them to live and work in the EU for three years.

Labor MP Yvette Cooper delivered the verdict “shameful” That the government decides to accept only close family members of Ukrainians settled in the United Kingdom.

The Scottish prime minister, separatist Nicola Sturgeon, took to the same social network to request the lifting of visa requirements for “all Ukrainians wishing to enter the UK, as do other countries”.

Some 368,000 refugees have fled fighting in Ukraine, more than half of whom have entered Poland, and their numbers “keep increasing” since the Russian offensive began on Thursday, according to the United Nations and Polish officials.

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In a column in the daily The Guardian, Enver Solomon, who heads the refugee aid union The Refugee Council, sought answers. “Much more urgent and showing more compassion than the prime minister.”

“I think there’s a real opportunity to be generous”That estimates Tom Tugendat, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Commons on the BBC.

This member of Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party guessed “Possibility” That the United Kingdom eventually follows the line of the European Union and leads the way in welcoming Ukrainian refugees.

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