UK to help Turkish design aircraft carrier

Not all NATO countries are as strong as France and its aggressive behavior in countries of the Mediterranean. Berlin is in favor of a flexible policy with Ankara, while London moves forward, offering to help make Turkey its first aircraft carrier.

Technical support in ankara

On Tuesday, December 29, an agreement was signed between the United Kingdom and Turkey “Existing preferential customs guarantee for 7,600 British companies exporting to Turkey in 2019” And “Protecting supply chains in the automotive and manufacturing sectors. “

As part of this treaty, Turkey wanted to purchase a “Queen Elizabeth” class aircraft carrier or an “invisible” class light aircraft carrier from the United Kingdom. As for sovereignty, the latter refused, but instead offered to provide technical assistance to Ankara, so that Turkey could build its own aircraft carrier.

Erdogan and the madness of grandeur

this “Aircraft carrier ship, designed locally after Anadolu, will bring Turkey to the First Division in the region”, Welcomed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoआनan at the launch of the new frigate Istanbul [F-515].

Turkey does “Part of ten countries capable of designing and producing their own warships”, Erdogan prodded himself before clearly displaying his dreams of greatness: “I see the shipbuilders with us today. We can build second and third aircraft carriers, can’t we? Can we? Because we need to circle the sea. We continue to work and produce with the awareness that we do not have even a minute to lose. “

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