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Richard Moore, the former ambassador to Turkey, is now the head of the British Secret Service MI6. The personnel surprised many observers, who had hoped that a confidant of Premier Johnson would get the job.

When a man named John Dearlove stood up to lead MI6 in the United Kingdom more than 20 years ago, he was Guardian Worth another very ironic lesson: Dearlove is such a common name and man can have such a completely interchangeable course that it can only be a sham, the paper found. The Secret Service wanted the British blinded by the glamor of James Bond movies to “sleep”, the newspaper blasphemed. “Suburban Detective” is the perfect, dull camouflage for a fabulous slouch hat.

Three bosses later, a certain Richard Moore is now at the helm of MI6, implying that the British Foreign Intelligence Service is true to itself in at least two ways: again a relatively vague-sounding name, and even That too in its 111th year. Survival, the main post of the Foreign Intelligence Service, goes to one person. Here too, fiction precedes reality, after all, Judi Dench, as “M”, was James Bond’s boss for seven episodes.

Richard Moore, 57, previously political director at the Foreign Office in London, was previously ambassador to Turkey, which is why, based on the book by John le Carré, he might as well have been called “the spy who came out of the summer”. Is. In general, British newspapers find a consistently positive description of Moore’s course life: he has already visited some foreign stations for MI6 – for example in Vietnam, Pakistan and Malaysia. But it at least has a surprising personality, this time without the irony. Guardian, Observers in London expected Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s confidant of the Department of Homeland Security to head MI6. The praise for Moore from the Government District, a source who did not wish to be named, speaks of a new intelligence chief who brings “an insider’s empathy and an outsider’s perspective”—the perfect mix for the job. . Moore was not only an ambassador and held several international positions, but also served as the government’s deputy national security adviser. Secretary of State Dominic Raab said Moore was now returning to MI6 “with an extraordinary experience”. He will lead “the work of men and women whose tireless efforts are barely noticed by the public, but who are vital to the security and prosperity of the UK”.

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