UK tests four-day week

Reggae in speakers. Some workers are loading barrels between giant stainless steel tanks. Beer is made at this warehouse in Tottenham, North London. 30,000 liters per month.

be more focused, be better organized

Claire is one of Doherty’s 9 employees pressure drop, She is responsible for sales and has been experimenting with the 4-day week for a little over two weeks.

“I try to get in touch with a strong organization every day. If I start saying ‘oh I’ll do it tomorrow,’ my colleagues may shut down and we fall behind. I hope I work harder.” more thoughtful and considerate From the moment the work is done, more than a week, where is the problem?

More concentrated, better organised, then she can work less a day, without losing efficiency, she is convinced of. Good for him, good for the company. So far, his extra day off has made him work mainly for shopping, to see his bank, to a medical appointment.

Nine full-time employees experiment with four-day weeks
Nine full-time employees experiment with four-day weeks

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-Richard Place

“It all sounds so boring. I want to tell you that I’m writing a novel or something. But it does mean that when I get back to work, my mind is a little clearer because it’s free time for me.” Lets take care of that too.”

“It should work for the shareholders as well as the employees”

Sam Smith founded this company ten years ago. This Bermuda owner reveals that he does not intend to conquer the world. He provided this experience to his employees with the enthusiasm to pioneer. But within a clear framework, he will not hire anyone and the balance sheet will be prepared in six months.

“Yes, everything is possible. We’ve told employees very clearly: this is just a test. It will be a success. If there is no negative impact, it should work as much for shareholders as it does for employees.”

Pressure Drop co-founder Sam Smith wants the operation to be successful for employees and shareholders alike
Pressure Drop co-founder Sam Smith wants the operation to be successful for employees and shareholders alike

© Radio France
-Richard Place

In this society that works 7 days a week, one day less work for everyone requires a lot of organization, especially during the holiday period and hence there is a shortage of staff. But Sam Smith believes in it. He applies it elsewhere and does not disappoint with his enjoyment of going to the swimming pool on Fridays. But when he is in office the concentration level is high.

“The main change is the level of anticipation for what’s to come. Previously, we were in a 5-day routine where we knew everyone was there. Now everyone’s more focused, we don’t give up until we know what to do It’s tomorrow. We all anticipate and plan our week all the time.”

4dayweek. A New Zealand idea operated in the United Kingdom by an organization called

This London brewery experience, like the entire British Project, is run by an organization called 4 day week, Developed by business leaders, academicians to spread an idea of ​​New Zealand across the globe. The awareness is even more apparent since the pandemic. Some employees have discovered the possibility of teleworking and giving themselves more free time.

4dayweek Foundation raises awareness and provides organizational support. Interested owners are given training, as well as support in the early stages. Charlotte Lockhart is one of its leaders.

“As business leaders, when we focus on productivity without giving people tangible benefits to improve it, we are not creating a conducive environment. And more free time also helps the rest of society. Local unions And sports clubs struggle to get people involved because nobody seems to have the time.”

Academics from Cambridge, Oxford and Boston follow the British experience in detail, They will assess the consequences for the productivity and quality of life of the 3,300 people involved in the trial.

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