UK sets New Year’s Eve record

The mercury was never so high on 31st December. This Friday, the thermometer in the north-east of the United Kingdom saw a red: 15 degrees, a record, according to the British Meteorological Service (Met Office), which calculates the country’s temperature each year.

The “hottest” county medal goes to Lincolnshire. Coningsby Parish’s 3,800 residents were able to take advantage of 15.3 degrees. The UK had the hottest New Year’s Eve on record before 31 December 2021, the previous record being in 2011. It was 14.8 degrees in the seaside town of Colwyn Bay in Wales.

The Met Office said on Twitter that temperatures could continue to rise and that areas of eastern and southern England, including the capital London, are expected to remain mild, before falling slightly into the night.

the temperature is rising again

According to Weather Service spokesman Stephen Dixon, Raihill in East Yorkshire also recorded a temperature of 14.9 degrees Celsius at 11 a.m. (local and GMT). As for the forecast for the next few days, he said, “we expect to record 15.5 degrees on Thursday.”

“This year, the UK has been slightly warmer and drier than average, albeit with variations across the country, particularly in rainfall,” Mike said in a statement on Thursday. Kendon of the Met Office’s National Climate Information Center.

Despite mild weather, New Year’s celebrations are being put under a sign of caution in the United Kingdom, which is facing an explosion in coronavirus contamination. Big Ben, the towering bell of the Elizabeth Tower of the British Parliament, will rise from its silence on the occasion.

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However, the fireworks display that brings together around 100,000 people in central London each year will not take place. It was canceled for the second year in a row due to the pandemic. In contrast, nightclubs will remain open in England, unlike Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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