UK rat outbreak alert: Pest control blames “perfect storm” for record numbers in homes UK

UK: Experts warn of rising rat population in cities

According to reports, pest control companies are facing record number of rat infestations due to the constant change in weather. Rising temperatures increased breeding, while flooding caused rodents to be moved into homes across the country.

The mild climate allows more rodents to live, and the long hot summer creates ideal conditions for young rats and mice to leave the nest and breed quickly.

In autumn and winter, rain and low temperatures cause rats and mice to migrate inland where there is more food and shelter.

With rain, rats usually move away from their burrows and enter them.

Signs of a rodent problem include an unusual ammonia-like odor, tiny dark droppings, greasy marks on walls or baseboards, and nibble marks.

Hot, rainy weather creates the perfect storm for rats (Image: GETTY)

Hot, rainy weather creates the perfect storm for rats (Photo: NC)

Feeling scratched, especially at night, is also a sign of rats and mice, and their nocturnal nature means they may be hiding for long periods of time before they begin to suspect they invade your home. .

The number of rats seen on the streets has increased in recent weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, shoppers were frightened and dismayed after crossing the street from a rat outbreak near the local Iceland of Wolverhampton.

Gemma Ormi, 43, who was shopping with her son, took pictures of the rats, but said it didn’t show how many rats there were.

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The weather creates the perfect storm for rats

The weather creates the perfect storm for rats (Image: GETTY)

He said: “I’ve seen rats in Bilston before, but not many!

“The video clip doesn’t show them all.”

Wolverhampton City Council said rats were lured by throwing food on the ground to feed the birds.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the number of rats in suburban areas skyrocketed due to the closure of bars and restaurants.

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Five facts about rats

Five facts about rats (Photo: Espresso)

In late July, London was warned of preparations for a rat attack after a woman was attacked by more than 100 rodents in a park.

The horrific incident reportedly happened on July 19, when Susan Treftab was passing through Blondin Park in Ealing.

Ms Triptap claimed that the animals ran towards her in front of her, though fortunately she came out unscathed.

Last month, it was reported that “cat rats” were haunting streets in northern Belfast due to overpopulation.

Hot, rainy weather creates the perfect storm for rats

Hot, rainy weather creates the perfect storm for rats (Image: GETTY)

In February, the Belfast Telegraph reported that the city’s rat population had increased by 25% in just 12 months.

When asked about the unusual story, Paul Blackheart, president of the Rentokil Pest Control Technical Academy, said the health risks associated with rats should not be underestimated.

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He told “It is worth noting that the mouse is a wild animal and if it is threatened with being caught or trampled, it may react by biting to defend itself.

Rodents play a role in the transmission of many pathogens to humans.

Mice infestation in the UK

Mice infestation in the UK (Image: GETTY)

“One of the biggest dangers is that rats carry leptospirosis, which can cause Weil’s disease in humans if they are bitten or come into contact with rodent urine.”

The bacterial disease can cause 2 in 4 mild to severe flu-like symptoms, including headache, chills, vomiting, diarrhea and skin rash.

The risk of Weil’s disease is very low, Blackhart said, although it tends to get worse in humid environments.

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