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Absent since March 29, the Queen of England had not been able to deliver the speech from the throne, which she handed over to Prince Charles. Gradually, he invested himself in the Emperor’s mission.

This is an image the British were eagerly waiting for. His queen, wearing a wide smile and apparently in good shape. With her son Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth had come to attend a horse show near Windsor Castle (United Kingdom), where she lives. Since March 29, the sovereign had not appeared in public. She had also given up her traditional throne speech, giving way to her direct successor, Prince Charles. New signs of monarchical change are underway. “There is a certain Regency that is in the process of imposing itself. A Regency without a name and we see Prince Charles taking up more and more space and, with the Queen’s health declining, fulfilling his role of future monarch.” Taking it in the face.”British royal family expert Kevin Gillott explains.

But will he manage to keep the kingdom united? According to a poll published in early May, 60% of Britons support the monarchy. In contrast, almost one in three Britons want it to be abolished. Beyond royalty, the entire political climate of the country is changing. Recent victories in legislative elections by Sinn Féin nationalists in Northern Ireland and separatists in Scotland have tightened the noose around London. But where the break with the monarchy may be most apparent is within the member states of the Commonwealth. Last November, Barbados, which had pledged allegiance to the Queen for 55 years, decided to remove Elizabeth II as head of state to become a republic.

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