UK police officer [email protected] in public park

A police officer was filmed, 29 March 2022, while he was having a good time, masturbating. This unusual scene, which happened LondonTo UKwas recorded by a visitor.

In a video, which is widely circulated on social networks, a man in uniform is seen masturbating while sitting on a bench in a public park.

According to local media reporting the incident, the man in the uniform is a local police community support officer. In the pictures that have gone viral, the police officer moves his private parts back and forth while looking at his phone. This man’s attitude leads to the belief that he was watching a pornographic movie and at all costs wants to imitate the scene he was watching. The telecast of this scandalous sequence shocked more than one person, especially since the man was wearing his uniform.

Sources said the scene was leaked by a police commander. “I know everyone will be absolutely shocked by this video. I am really saddened and horrified by such incidents, as are all civilized officers and employees, they are against our side. »said the officer.

Latest news, the agent in question was arrested for responding to his act, which was described as perverted.

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