UK police accused of shutting down vaccination centers for crimes against humanity

Screenshot of a post circulating, possibly published in a Facebook group called “”.Nunzia Alessandra Shiliro’ – Deputy Commissioner of State Police“, where the alleged intervention of United Kingdom law enforcement has been announced to close all anti-Covid-19 vaccination centers and confiscate vaccine bottles as “irrefutable evidence of crimes against the English population” This is a widespread hoax in a no wax and no green pass environment.

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  • According to some Facebook posts, UK police have launched an investigation into alleged crimes related to the anti-Covid-19 vaccine.
  • According to other Facebook posts, police have already received orders to close vaccination centers and arrest alleged perpetrators of crimes against humanity.
  • The evidence is reportedly a code, known as a ‘crime reference number’, provided by UK police, but the latter denies that an investigation has been launched.


Here is one of the screenshots released via Facebook, published on January 23, 2022, with the following text:

Law enforcement agencies across the UK are tasked with closing all vaccine centers and confiscating vaccine bottles as irrefutable evidence of crimes against the British population and crimes against humanity, and for the “Covid Vaccines” campaign There is also an allegation of arresting and prosecuting all those responsible. , including members of the government!

UK Police ordered to close vaccination centres![…]

And the boom of bankruptcies and closures in Italy! But do we realize, vaccinated and not, that we are all in the same boat that is sinking?

The link refers to a video published on the platform on January 19, 2022 brandnewtube (But it is also available on YouTube) Title « UK Police Orders Vaccination Centers To Shut Down | To Royal Marine Reactions ». Author YouTuber and podcaster Chris Thrall.

Il «crime reference number»

Throughout the video, a flyer is shown carrying a numerical code provided by the Metropolitan Police of the United Kingdom: “Crime Number 6029679/21” (which we also find in this Facebook post in Italian).

This is a code issued by the Metropolitan Police of Hammersmith (London) in December 2021, as reported by colleagues of Reuters who settled the matter following a complaint received for an alleged offense over COVID-19 vaccines.

The CRN (Crime Reference Number) has been interpreted by No Vax Circle as evidence of ongoing investigations into vaccination centers in the country, but it is a code issued after a complaint and is not meant to initiate an investigation. . to confirm a Reuters It is the same Metropolitan Police of the United Kingdom: «no investigation has been launched».


The UK Metropolitan Police only received a complaint from one or more citizens with the appropriate case number without necessarily initiating an investigation. British vaccination centers do not conduct police searches at all, such that there is no order by the authorities to arrest someone guilty of an undetected crime.

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