UK plans 100% digital border control “by the end of 2025”

People visiting the UK without visa or visa statusImmigration One will need to apply for an online travel authority based on what exists for travel to the United States.

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The UK government plans to strengthen border controls with a fully digital system that “Count entries” In the country, Interior Minister Preeti Patel said on Sunday 23 May. The government intends to achieve this for all its limitations “By the end of 2025”.

The Home Office said in a statement that people coming to the UK without a visa or immigration status would have to apply online for the Travel Authority (ETA), which exists to travel to the United States.. This new system will allow “To prevent serious foreign criminals from entering the UK”.

The ministry states that the exact number of immigrants in the UK has not been estimated as an example data of a “settlement plan”, a program that allows EU citizens to register to live in the country before 31 December 2020 gives. Equal rights to live, work and access to social security in Britain after Brexit.

The project is part of an improvement in immigration policy, now based on a “points” system in favor of a “brilliant mind” to the detriment of low-skilled workers. Skills, knowledge of English and financial resources are taken into consideration to obtain a visa.

In March, the British government also introduced a reform of the asylum system that would no longer give people equal rights on the basis of entering the country legally or illegally.

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