UK performance venues prepare to reopen after long closure

“Les Misérables” … Victor Hugo’s work seems like a symbol for British cinemas, which have been closed for over a year.

But the decline of the epidemic in the United Kingdom and the gradual decommissioning initiated by the London Herald for theaters will be authorized to reopen in mid-May, respecting better health protocols for theaters.

After such a long shutdown, however, theaters lost some of their essential staff, which were essential to their operations.

During the crisis, some decided to change their lives, Theater producer Nika Burns explains. Some have chosen to leave London, others have retreated into teaching, as they no longer want to live an independent life, they want a much more structured career so as not to get rid of such difficult times. “

Others have relied on patience. Noah Thomas is an actor. Long-term shutdowns of theaters caused him considerable financial loss: “When you are told that you cannot benefit from this kind of further public assistance, it is difficult. You have to find another job, save. this is reality. But we must return to the work which was not to be given up, for which we were trained. “

Hiba Elchikke is also an actress: “I worked abroad, I worked in other places. And for me, there is nothing like playing in your hometown, seeing the excitement on posters everywhere, on buses, outside a show. It is very stimulating indeed. “

Financially, theaters expect a fragile restart, with their capacity initially reduced by half. Furthermore, if theaters can count on the British public, they will have to do without the majority of foreign tourists stranded due to the epidemic.

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