UK: Over 700 stores selling Azteco bitcoin (BTC) vouchers

Recently, the easiest way to buy bitcoin (BTC) has become available to residents of the UK and Ireland. To do this, simply go to the store and buy an Aztec voucher with a face value of £10 to £100. Currently, more than 700 retail sites cooperate with the network.

Bitcoin sold for £1.5 million in three months

According to Charge, after several years of development and testing of the physical retail cryptocurrency business, the Azteco network began to grow rapidly. Currently, residents of the UK and Ireland can buy bitcoin (BTC) from over 700 vendors. To do this, you need to download the wallet of the Satoshi app, visit one of the retail stores and receive Azteco bitcoin vouchers at checkout for a subsequent refund.

By selling bitcoins, the store receives a commission and Azteco charges a small percentage for completing the transaction. Coupons ranging from £10 to £100 are available for buyers. Among the retail platforms that cooperate with Azteco are stores such as Fulton, Cash Generators, Phone Converters, Phonehouse, GoMobile, as well as hundreds of private retailers. Representatives of the network are actively negotiating with new partners who wish to offer bitcoin to their customers. It’s only been three months since the project started, but during that time BTC has been sold for £1.5 million.

Buying BTC – It’s Easy!

United States residents can also use Aztec services. In the near future these stores will open in Poland and all countries of the European Union.

Azteco co-founder Akin Fernandez admitted that three years ago, along with Google veteran Paul Ferguson, he had made it his mission to make bitcoin as accessible as possible to those unrelated to investing. After overcoming some technical difficulties, they managed to set up the cryptocurrency buying process, making it as easy as a normal replenishment of a mobile phone account.

Fernandez announced that his services are in high demand not only in the UK and Ireland, but also in the US, Europe and South America. The Azteco co-founder acknowledged that even without marketing hype and advertising, BTC sales volumes remain high.

Hopefully one day such services will reach us. It is a very easy and affordable way to connect with the world of cryptocurrency and start investing. Meanwhile, we are following the development trends of Aztec networks in other countries.

Thomas Poirier

I am sure that blockchain and cryptocurrency are the future, and I want to take this idea to everyone because the more people who believe in cryptocurrencies, the sooner the future will come.

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