UK: Only eight of the top 100 companies are headed by women

Posted on October 7, 2021 at 8:21 amUpdated October 7, 2021, 8:22 am

What do NatWest Bank (formerly Royal Bank of Scotland), pharmaceutical laboratory GSK, broadcaster ITV, sports betting company Anten, hotel catering group Whitbread, insurer Aviva and Admiral and Water Company have in common? Severn Trent? In addition to being included in the UK’s 100 Largest Companies (FTSE 100), these are the most important eight companies led by a woman.

A study conducted by the Cranfield School of Management and sponsored by Ernst & Young shows that this is a record number since 1999, when the FTSE’s first women’s leadership report was produced. But, above all, she stresses that this is still largely inadequate. There are still not enough women presidents, CEOs and CFOs in the UK.

“It’s time to make these goals mandatory”

In this report relayed by “The Guardian”, we also learn that only 38% of the FTSE 100’s board of directors are women, a share that drops to 35% if we consider the 250 largest British companies. (FTSE 250). However, this exceeds the voluntary target of 33% set by the Hampton-Alexander Report.

However, one in five (21%) of the FTSE 100 and almost one in three (32%) of the FTSE 250 have yet to achieve this goal. In the FTSE 100, this is the big difference between beverage distributor Diageo, where 60% of board positions are women, and online grocer Ocado, where they hold only 17%. “The time has come to make these goals mandatory,” the report said.

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Too few women still in management positions

The study also clarifies the role of women on the board of directors. While the share of non-executive directors has reached a record level of 44% of non-executive directors of the FTSE 100, with 14% female chairpersons, 25% independent senior directors and 35% chairman of board committees, only 13.7 in executive directors % are women.

Only 27 of the UK’s 100 largest listed companies have women in management positions. Thus there are eight general directors and 15 financial directors. The women CEOs are Alison Rose (NatWest), Emma Walsley (GSK), Caroline McCall (ITV), Alison Brittain (Whitbread), Jett Nygaard-Anderson (Anten), Amanda Blank (Aviva), Liv Garfield (Severn Trent) and Mondini. By Fokatis (Admiral).

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