UK on heatwave alert


Eurozapping: UK on heatwave alert
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Like every evening, there is a tour of the news broadcast by European television channels at 11 pm. It’s Eurozapping Friday 8th July.

Catastrophe at Amsterdam Airport (Netherlands). On this first day of vacation, piles of overdue, unresolved items. Some got lost or misled. It is not the strike that causes this disorder, but the shortage of personnel. During Covid, the airport was largely closed.

In North Macedonia, rififi around joining the European Union. A proposal by President Macron has brought the opposition to the streets. Recognize a Bulgarian minority in North Macedonia in order to persuade Bulgaria to accept this country’s accession to the European Union. Unacceptable to some Macedonians.

In the United Kingdom, it is the heat wave that has thrown the country into turmoil. “Today in London it is hotter than in Los Angeles”, says a journalist. Temperatures that flirt with 30 degrees. Enough to launch a heat wave alert.

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