UK News accuses Sturgeon Johnson of ignoring advice on ‘extreme’ covid carbs

Nicola Starjan accuses Boris Johnson of ignoring expert advice on the need for a covid ban strategy that includes an “extreme” top tier near the entire lockdown imposed in March.

Starzan has confirmed that he will announce a five-tier ban on Friday, partly to regulate England’s three-tiered traffic lights, as Scotland’s Covid-19 infections and deaths have risen sharply since May.

He said the Scottish system would start with a “zero-level” approach, “which is why we can expect to survive until we have a vaccine or a more effective treatment for this virus.”

Scotland passed 50,000 infections overnight and after confirming 26 new deaths, the first minister said his government had warned Professor Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, that extreme control was needed in extreme cases.

“The English system starts from the middle, which is a pretty high level of limitation,” he said. “We also think we need someone else at the top because if you think England released them, the chief medical officer of England said he thought there was not enough top level to take the virus down.

“We think we have a need above us that is not like this but probably closer to the whole lockdown, if things get serious.”

UK coronavirus case

The first minister said temporary bans affecting millions of people across central Scotland, including a ban on alcohol-serving pubs and cafes and a ban on communications games and outdoor live events, from November 2 until the start of the five-tier system.

Business leaders and hospitality organizations are outraged, arguing that this will result in the loss of thousands of jobs. They say the Scottish Government’s emergency grants are inadequate, comparing the offers to English councils.

Sturgeon declined to determine what level each level involved before Friday’s announcement but confirmed that stricter travel restrictions would be included at higher levels, and that schools would not automatically close if the top level was imposed.

Ireland and New Zealand are in a five-tier system, Starzion said; Ireland moved to its top level earlier this week but New Zealand’s official website shows it has a four-level warning system. Scotland’s new precautionary measures will be implemented to coincide with the Council’s boundaries and may be flexible from the regional level to the national level if necessary.

“The levels that we have need to be applied proportionally and in an intelligent way with the opportunity to live as the target of the intervention as much as possible at any given time,” he said.

Hotel Stephen Montgomery in Glasgow, which represents the Scottish Hospitality Group, an umbrella organization of pubs and hotel chains that employ about 1,000 pubs, said the 1,000,000 businesses affected by Central Scotland’s restrictions could no longer operate.

The UK government’s Farlow project will end next week but the ban on opening pubs will continue, leaving companies unable to keep up on staff. He said the Scottish government had funded cities m 40m, compared English cities to ten million dollars in bad cities.

“The recent sanctions were marked as a‘ temporary ’short, sharp push, but this increase indicates that we can only expect an ongoing government riot about hospitality that will have catastrophic consequences,” he said.

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