UK: Mother who lost octopuses dies of cancer

Mandy Allwood, who lost her eight children 26 years ago, died of cancer in early February.

She gave birth to 6 boys and 2 girls in 24 weeks

This Brit, in the name of MyND Allwood, 26 years ago gave birth to 6 boys and 2 girls in 24 weeks. The work lasted for three days and three nights. This mother’s story marked the whole world, especially when she announced a few weeks after the birth of octopuses. At that time, Princess Diana came forward to meet and console her mother-in-law, reports

Mandy Allwood She later gave birth to three children, but the loss of her octopuses left her with a life-long trauma. She then got divorced and began to experience a real descent into hell. He had specifically taken refuge in alcohol and was even arrested for drunk driving with his children in the car. She lost custody of her children and slowly drifted away from the rest of her family.

no one attended the cremation

according to british magazine Sunincineration of Mandy Allwood Happened on 4 February at a function in which no one came to attend. The cremation was paid for by the city council.

According to the testimony of Mark Beard, a friend of Mandy Allwood and the owner of a pub where Mandy went to twice a week, 50, “Had an operation before Christmas, but he told us recently that the cancer had come back. I don’t know what type of cancer it was”,

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