UK: Monkeypox is now a noticeable disease

On Wednesday 8 June a new law making monkeypox a notable disease came into force across the UK, meaning all doctors are required to notify their local council or Team Health Protection of any suspected cases.

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The UK takes monkeypox very seriously.

Photo: Reuters/VNA/CVN

If virus is identified in the sample, laboratories should also notify the UK Health Protection Agency (UKHSA).

“Rapid diagnosis and reporting is critical to interrupting transmission and preventing any further spread of monkeypox. This new law will help us and our health partners identify, treat and control the disease,” Wendy Shepherd, UKHSA’s director of monkeypox management, was quoted by the media as saying.

For Fran├žois Balloux, Professor of Computational Systems Biology and Director of the Institute of Genetics at University College London, the new law means that “All suspected cases of monkeypox must be reported. This is a sensible change in the rules, as it improves surveillance and facilitates contact tracing, although it does not currently reflect a change in containment measures” .

In the latest bulletin published on Wednesday 8 June, the UKHSA reported detection of 321 cases of monkeypox nationwide as of Tuesday 7 June, with 305 confirmed cases in England, 11 in Scotland, two in Northern Ireland and three in Wales .

“Anyone can get monkeypox, especially in close contact with a person with symptoms. (rash with blisters),” the UKHSA warned.


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