UK launches substantial sanctions package against Russia

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson addresses parliamentarians on the situation in Ukraine after Russia's invasion in the early hours of the House of Commons, London, on February 24, 2022.

Following the recognition of pro-Russian separatist republics in the Donbass by President Vladimir Putin on Monday, 21 February, the first package of British sanctions against Russia had only been criticized: it was considered too lukewarm, targeting only second-tier banks. . Three elites – among dozens who have chosen London as the most welcoming capital to hide their misfortunes.

On Thursday, February 24, hours after the start of the first Russian attacks in Ukraine, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a further package of measures against Moscow and its ally Belarus. this is the ban package “The most punitive ever imposed by the United Kingdom”, announced the British leader, insisting that it was intended to replace “Putin’s Diet”, Suitable “A bloodthirsty raider who believes in royal conquest”, In “Outcast” on the international scene.

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The assets of major Russian banks in the UK are frozen with immediate effect. from 1er In March, they will no longer have access to the credit markets of the city, the second largest financial center in the world. This restriction on access to the debt markets (or equity markets) shall also apply to the Russian State and “All Russian public companies or major private companies” For the Putin regime (especially in the defense sector). VTB, the second largest Russian bank, and defense giant Rostec are thus targeted.

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Some 120 companies and oligarchs have also been targeted: their assets are frozen in the United Kingdom, they are forbidden to live in their country. Five of Putin’s relatives are of particular concern, including Kirill Shamalov, his daughter Katarina’s ex-husband, Denis Bortnikov, the vice president of VTB Bank and the head of the FSB (Russian Security Services) Alexander Bortnikov or even Elena. Huh. Alexandrovna Georgieva, chairman of the board of defense group Novicombank.

A law against “economic offences”

“These people have a cosmopolitan lifestyle, they come to Harrods to shop, they stay in our best hotels, they send their kids to our best private schools, it’s all going to stop, the restrictions really hurt.” are about to deliver”, sA diplomatic source explains. London will also limit exports of sensitive products (electronics, oil and aerospace equipment) to Russia and ban Aeroflot airline from British airspace.

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