UK hunts down Facebook spies – Daily Mail

The UK government is reportedly investigating whether a plan to police social media was leaked by Moles to senior META officer Nick Clegg.

According to the Daily Mail, the UK government has launched an internal investigation to identify ‘spies’ who may have leaked secret details of its plans to Facebook to regulate the tech giant. Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg – who recently became META’s new chairman of global affairs – is said to have received sensitive information.

The search would involve the Treasury, the Foreign Office and the Departments of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the newspaper reported on Saturday. The investigation was launched last week following a report in the Financial Times about the government’s upcoming online security bill, which aims to deregulate social media platforms.

An anonymous technical manager is cited in this report “Who saw the offers” The Daily Mail noted that the rules—which were apparently contained in confidential letters known as “written replies”—are circulated among only a handful of senior department officials.

But unnamed sources told the newspaper that fears about a possible leak were raised in early June 2020, when Clegg cited classified information from one such letter during a Zoom call with government officials.

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Mark Zuckerberg may be sentenced to jail under the new law, the minister warned

“We don’t know whether Clegg himself got this information, or whether the company has other sources, but it seems we almost already know what we’re doing before we do.” A security source told the Daily Mail. Other officials told the newspaper that Clegg may have kept in touch with him from his time in government allowing classified information to flow.

Before joining Facebook in 2018, Clegg was the leader of the Liberal Democrat Party and deputy prime minister in David Cameron’s coalition government. On Wednesday, Clegg was promoted to senior management — apparently. “level” With Responsibility – by Mark Zuckerberg “All policies matter.” This decision apparently gave Clegg the nickname. “Master of the Metaverse. »

Potential legislative hurdles in the UK include tax liability, liability for harmful content and whether or not media outlets must pay to broadcast their news. According to the Daily Mail, UK Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has urged Downing Street to include legislation to this effect in the upcoming Queen’s speech.

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Although Clegg did not comment, an unnamed spokesperson for Meta told the newspaper that he was “Stranger” He denied any government inquiry “Any objections or suggestions” that’s clegg “requesting or requesting documents from authorities”, Branding demands like “absurd and false”.

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