UK government rejects calls to reinstate restrictions

As the UK has seen a surge in cases in recent weeks with 50,000 new cases as of Wednesday, The British government has announced that it will not reinstate any restrictions. Against Covid-19, such as wearing a mask indoors. The announcement comes days after a union of public health professionals called for “urgent measures”.

This decision of the British government may seem surprising, as the United Kingdom is one of the countries that have Highest contamination rate in the world. In a statement on Wednesday, Health Minister Sajid Javid believes the country may reach “100,000 cases” Day by day and the pressure on hospitals is increasing.

But then what is it that drives the British government not to act? First, the government is relying on vaccination, the “first line of defense against Covid”, assures Sajid Javid, while almost 70% of the population is fully vaccinated, but also on the ability of hospitals to withstand the shock in the face of this new wave: “We do not intend to implement our Plan B”. But the health minister says the government is “preparing for all events” and “will not hesitate to take action” if the trend becomes “untenable” for hospitals.

New treatments to fight this growth

In the UK, residents have been living without restrictions since July. This very liberal policy is one of the hypotheses put forward to explain the current decline, which mainly affects adolescents and young adults. Low vaccination rates for minors and a sluggish return campaign for the elderly have also been cited. Other hypotheses suggest a decline in collective immunity Whereas the United Kingdom vaccinated its population long ago.

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In an effort to bend the curve, the government has announced that it has reached an agreement with Pfizer and Merck Laboratories to purchase thousands of doses of new antiviral treatments for the most vulnerable people, before the end of approval. have hope. Year.

medical community worried

We are already in a situation where things are likely to get worse in two or three weeks. This is why we must act immediately,” Matthew Taylor, head of the NHS Confederation of several public health organisations, said on Sky News on Wednesday morning. If there is no remedy, he insisted, the pressure on the health system will increase With winter approaching, it is already a stressful period for hospitals.

The number of cases is already approaching the level of the violent wave that struck Britain last winter, which resulted in long imprisonment by the initially very reluctant Boris Johnson.

Health officials are also monitoring a new subtype of the highly infectious Delta spreading in the UK. “There is no reason to believe at this stage that this poses a greater risk,” the health minister assured.

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