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The COVID-19 pandemic still appears to be progressing in England. The British register around 30,000 cases daily. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not intend to postpone the end of the lockdown due on 19 July.

Soon, the British will no longer be required to observe social distancing or wear masks in public places. for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the summer ceasefire is conducive to the lifting of these restrictions. “If we don’t do it now because summer vacations are approaching, when schools are closed, and we have all the means to fight the virus, when can we do it?“, did he declare.

Therefore the liability will be lifted everywhere in Great Britain; In transport, at work, but also in discotheques and cultural venues that will be able to reopen at full capacity. Boris Johnson calls for caution, but returns everyone to their responsibility. This decision divided the British. “I think Boris Johnson is right to do so. let people live their lives” says a man, while a passerby admits:”We have to learn to take care of ourselves, but not to the extent that we get ridiculous and take off all the masks.‚ÄúThis measure is more controversial as the delta variant is once again raising the figures in the UK. About 30,000 new cases are recorded per day.

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