UK: Father’s plea to recognize menstrual pain in school

Missing classes sometimes result in refusal of school and teenage girls, even when having very painful periods. A father outraged by this injustice in Britain filed a petition in the UK Department of Education. reason ? Her 13-year-old daughter, Izzy, had an “unauthorized absence” as she became unwell from convulsions. A textbook case that insists that rules are still a taboo subject.

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The father of three daughters, musician and conductor, Marcus Allene, 37, advocates for dysmenorrhea and menstrual pain, which, along with other ailments such as angina or the flu, are a valid reason to be absent from school. goes. His petition, shared on and broadcast by British media, has already collected over 62,000 signatures since the end of September.

An archaic approach to rules

After his daughter’s uneasiness that morning, he forbade her to attend class. “The school asked if it was due to period pain, and I said yes … and the school said it would be recorded as an unauthorized absence,” he tells Plymouth Live. The father is sorry and condemns the condition of the establishment, because if it were “another illness or condition” of health, it would have been seen as a disease rather than an unauthorized absence. “If I had said he had a migraine, we wouldn’t have had this conversation,” Marcus Allene says bitterly.

In the petition, this father also condemned the “intrusive” and “morally questionable” behavior of the college where his daughter Izzy is educated, asking to find out the exact reason for her absence. For Marcus Allene, severe cramps and menstruation are not just a “women’s problem,” but a social problem that must be addressed. For her, recognizing menstrual pain is “a major concern for the physical, mental and social well-being of not only my daughters, but all menstruating people across the country.”

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