UK exit: London refuses to pay

Since Britain left the European Union, London has owed Brussels billions. The British say that these are estimates.

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  • The EU is seeking 47.5 billion euros from the UK for outstanding commitments.
  • The British do not recognize this amount – they calculate a maximum of 45 billion.
  • The European Union, on the other hand, considers this amount final.

The next conflict is looming between the UK and the EU after the UK leaves the EU: this time it is about money. The bottom line is that Brussels is seeking 47.5 billion euros from London for outstanding commitments from its time as a member of the European Union.

However, the British government wants to pay less: “We do not recognize this amount,” a government spokesman said in London on Friday. One is assuming a net cost of 35 to 39 billion pounds (about 40 to 45 billion euros).

UK withdrawal from EU: bill final

The EU figure is an estimate for internal accounting purposes. “For example, it does not reflect the amount owed to the UK. This reduces the amount we pay,” the spokesperson said.

In Brussels, however, it was said that the financial report with an invoice amount of 47.5 billion euros was final. “The calculations were done in accordance with the provisions of the exit agreement,” a spokesman for the European Union Commission said.

This year Great Britain will have to pay an amount of 6.8 billion euros. The first installment has already been transferred. The Commission currently has no indication that the EU count will be called into question by the British.

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