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Give me one more minute, then I promise you that I will not talk about it anymore, your praise, your appreciation to me, will touch my heart. I have already said, I do not know if I am right to repeat it, but it is what I feel, what I feel inside me, is a great deep feeling towards you.

At the time, encouraged by some people who know me, I converted the finances from a blog, from a You Tube channel and a Facebook page in Chiaro, so I agreed to appear on the video, I never , Never really expected such.

So understand that I will not dwell on that, but I will know that I will always be grateful to you.

Today I go back to talking about Great Britain because the counting is happening and between today and tomorrow we will know the results of these elections, administrative, but very important.

In fact, never before in the United Kingdom had an administrative election of this magnitude, 48 million people called for a vote.

But it is not just the number of voting citizens who make these elections very important, but also their consequences.

In fact, imagine that the integrity of the United Kingdom may also be at stake.

Therefore, it is good to say that the most anticipated results, the most politically important ones we will get to know tomorrow, but it allows us to talk about them and deepen the subject because, as I said, the integrity of the United Kingdom May also be at stake.

Then by far the most important results relate to elections in Scotland and, in a more relative way in Wales, forgetting that we also vote for the Mayor of London.

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And let’s start right here, from the Mayor of London.

By the way, do you know the name of the current Mayor of London, who is re-nominating, among other things, and is currently in favor of elections?

Of course many of you know this, but for the benefit of those who do not know the name of the first London citizen, I miss him, his name is Sadiq Khan, which is a typical British name…

Of course, he was born in London, let’s just say that he has Pakistani “origin”, but in fact he is the son of two Pakistani immigrants.

Very well, God forbid, no one in their right mind could believe that the son of two immigrants could not become the mayor, and not of a small town, but of a enormity.

Megalopolis is the correct word here, because I don’t know if you have any idea how widespread it is in London.

When someone tells you that he lives in London, he probably thinks he lives… what do I know… near Trafalgar Square or Piccadilly Circus, but it is almost impossible that he lives there.

If it is a normal person who needs to find an apartment within reach of a normal salary, then that person takes an hour or more to get to Central London and possibly by efficient public transport.

Well, London is no longer a city, I repeat that we use the term megalopolis.

We all know that in the nineteenth century, indeed for a good part of the twentieth century, the British had the largest empire in the world, so their capital became perhaps the first city in the world to be defined as a metropolitan Was.

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Well, if London was a metropolitan decades ago, imagine what it is now.

Only one figure, white British, constitutes only 45% of the population in London.

And so it is explained that the first citizen is called Sadiq Khan.

I have already said this, but the wind that causes me to reiterate it is not a problem that the Mayor of London is the son of two Pakistani immigrants, but it is clear that he would never have been elected if London had not. . What is the crowd

In short, just to understand, there is nothing remotely similar in Italy.

Whether it is good or bad, I will let you decide.

And let’s talk about Scotland.

Well I think the Scots are actually a very, very unique people, to put it mildly.

Certainly I understand and from some perspectives I appreciate that the largest party in Scotland is the Scottish National Party, which I do not understand how a party that declares itself nationalist is also the European Union. Longing to join.

Either the Scots are more stupid than each other or there is a strategy underlying them, I frankly believe, I cannot understand.

Dear Scots, are you fit to live in the UK? Okay, I understand you, but then you don’t understand that leaving the United Kingdom to enter the European Union is like going from a frying pan to a fire, or rather, as I often say, it’s Enter a concentration camp is the same as leaving a prison.

But what does it take to understand it?

Personally, I already have a hard time understanding those people, I don’t know how to define them, global, or rather … I don’t know … of a common nature, because of the union of all people, Even idealists, and who therefore appreciate the European Union that they describe it as the world of tomorrow, will bring peace and tranquility.

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Well, I find it difficult to understand these people, but in fact I find it simply absurd that even more people who claim to be sovereign, have more nationalists, a party that even names the word nationalist in their own name Goes so far for, well, voters of such a party as they do. The European Union is considered as an ideal destination.

This is absurd, a contradiction in terms.

What if they accept being in favor of the European Union for convenience?

I mean, by “strategy”, that is, they used that pro-European faith as a shortcut to achieve independence within the United Kingdom … well, they would be even more naive, to say silly. No.

Have they not seen how the EU deals with Catalonia?

Okay, dear listeners, maybe the argument is not of this world, or this argument escapes me.

Let us see, in any case the result of the Scottish elections will undoubtedly be worthless which is not easy to deal with.

Giancarlo Marcotti has a degree in Statistics and Economics from the University of Padua. In his business activity, he has collaborated with important financial institutions, encompassing various roles. Giancarlo Marcotti is the Chief Financial Officer at Chiaro, as well as the editor of the I Markets column and editor of the portfolio section, in which he will report the investment options he makes on a daily basis.

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