UK Election Analysis – Battle for UK Begins

The success of the British vaccination program, unprecedented in Western Europe, contributed to Johnson’s widespread acceptance.

So far, there have been no signs of remorse in pro-Brexit areas of England.

The epidemic has made it possible for Johnson to break away from his party’s old austerity policies.

The Labor Party completely underestimated Boris Johnson.

Scotland Winner: Nicola Sturgeon's Scottish National Party is planning a new referendum on Scottish independence.

A veto by “headquarters” against an independence referendum would be futile.

Because a veto by “headquarters” would be in vain. This will only bring in more supporters for the separatists from Scotland. And even now half the Scot are separated from England.

Without Labour’s opportunity to unseat Johnson from power in the near future, many Scotts’ willingness to be able to determine their own fate without telling the “English Tories” their future is likely to grow. A bitter battle for the continued reconciliation of the United Kingdom begins here.

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