UK drivers face fines as Britain and fail to reach mutual license deal

The subject of UK driving licenses and Brexit has been complex and frustrating for many UK citizens living in France. The current post-Brexit standoff between France and the UK has confused many UK citizens living in France and in some cases without a valid driving license. Local report.

Non-European citizens living in France must exchange their driving license to be able to drive legally in France. The French government announced at the end of last year that the rule would apply to Britons living in France, who would have to exchange their licenses for a French license before the end of December 2021, except for exchanges. ‘S requests are currently not accepted because the UK and France fail to reach a mutual agreement.

French authorities have created an online portal that replaces paper applications to facilitate the process. But those who have requested to buy their license since January have systematically denied their requests by the new French online system.

This has left thousands of UK citizens living in France, many of whom are elderly and living in rural areas, without a valid permit as their UK license expires. Driving without a valid license in France can result in a fine of up to € 15,000.

Some people’s licenses have already expired and have no way of renewal or exchange, while others worry about increasingly short deadlines for the exchange, even after a deal is in place Too. Others have been waiting for months and years for his candidacy to return.

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