UK deal not ‘trade in humans’, says Rwanda’s president

The sealed agreement with the United Kingdom to send migrants and asylum seekers to Rwanda, which has sparked controversy, is “not an agreement”.human tradeRwanda’s President Paul Kagame said.

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,For people a. it would be wrong to conclude from ,oh you know rwanda got money“,” the president said Thursday during a virtual seminar with an American university, according to a video posted on Twitter by his cabinet.

,we are helping,

,We don’t trade humans, please. This is not the case. Actually, we’re helping“,” he said, describing the deal.innovationPresented by Rwanda.

The United Kingdom presented a plan on 14 April to send asylum seekers who arrived illegally on British soil to Rwanda, hoping to prevent illegal crossings of the Channel, which are on the rise. Under this agreement, London will initially finance the device for 120 million pounds (144 million euros). The Government of Rwanda specified that it would propose the possibility”to settle permanently in Rwanda if they wish,

,extremely opposingONU. Of

During the presentation of this agreement, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised this East African country.Safest in the world, recognized globally for its record of welcoming and reconciling migrants“. This project is likely to apply to all foreigners who have illegally entered where they come from (Iran, Syria, Eritrea, etc.), have provoked discredited reactions and “extremely opposing“ONU K.

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) criticized the agreement, saying people fleeing conflict and persecutionshould not be treated as objects“. Paul Kagame said that Rwanda is hosting refugees “decadeespecially from neighboring countries. Rwanda has in the past taken African migrants stranded in Libya under a 2018 agreement with the African Union and UNHCR.

With regard to the reception of Libyan refugees, the President of Rwanda remarked: “When the question came to me, I said: ,Well, we are not a rich country, we are not a big country, but there are solutions, we can always help, discover and solve big problems, Last year, the country offered asylum to Afghans fleeing the Taliban’s rise to power.

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